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Offering our customers new and improved solutions in Gearless machines is undoubtedly one of the main motivations of our company.

The market is currently moving very fast and there are more and more needs to be met, such as new requirements and regulations, increased concern for the environment and energy efficiency, optimisation of the usage of available space, alternatives to traditional means of traction, etc. New opportunities are also arising, thanks to the development of new technologies and their interesting field of application within the lift sector.

There are definitely many areas in which improvements can be made. And that is why we have also wanted to participate with our own innovations. Thanks to the work of our engineering and R&D team, we have enhanced our current product, and we have also developed a new product range, thus expanding our family of Gearless machines.

A larger portfolio that allows us to increase the number of solutions in different types of installations. If you are thinking of a new project, whether it is a new lift, a modernisation, Homelift, machine roomless lift (MRL) or machine room…a solution is waiting for you among our machines.

Our latest arrival to the Gearless ACT family, MICRO ACT, is a machine with a very compact design, with reduced dimensions that make it the perfect solution where space is a problem. Furthermore, being the smallest and lightest machine in our range, it will doubtlessly facilitate its transport and manoeuvrability in the installation. Its efficiency and lower consumption should also be mentioned.

MICRO ACT is specially designed for the use of small pulleys and coated rope. However, this versatile machine will allow the use of other means of traction such as steel cable or even belt.

This new model will be available both with side pulley and with centred pulley. Furthermore, MICRO ACT C and MINI ACT C will not be the only models to have a central pulley option, but it will also be possible to use this design on our ACT C. In this way, the ACT range becomes even more versatile having a wider field of application.

new gearless machines
Engineering serving versatility

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